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How to Select the Perfect Billing System for your Restaurant

Why Restro POS is the perfect match for your Restaurant?
From Instant Billing to Crystal Reports, RESTRO POS caters to your Business Perfectly!
With more POS in the market, RESTRO POS is specifically designed for the best user experience & increased operational efficiency!
  • Quick Billing with user-friendly menu select options
  • Multi-store integration with an Inventory management system
  • Crystal Reports for your Business improvements
  • Ingredient controller
  • Waste management system for profitable Business
  • Kitchen Display
  • Mobile APP Integration
  • AI Reports & More

#1: Let our reports speak!

First, We have designed the reports which are easy to understand and analyze, which can account for Business profitability!
Second, Analyzing data from menus to inventories has become a compulsion in order to make smart decisions for business growth. Restro POS completely satisfies this query and provides clarity & customized reports on sales, profit & loss, inventories, wastage, supplier & more!
Third, Finish your day with flawless reports on the day sales which you can compare with your target. The KPIs are highlighted in almost all reports and the detailed report can be downloaded in Excel or PDF which makes it easier for Offline analysis.

Fourth, Another way that businesses can fill tech roles by turning to internal training to fill talent gaps is by hiring college graduates with two- or four-year degrees in computer science or even technical trade school graduates. This requires growing them into the level of mid-level techs who bring value, which can take a year or more.

#2: Why Cloud POS?

Moreover If your Business faces average walkins (Quality Customers who use digital space) with higher profit, it is a necessity to maintain the customer information along with his/her sales history throughout. This can be helpful for the Customer LifeCycle Management which is best possible in Cloud POS.

#3: Offline POS

Furthermore If your Business experiences larger walkins with huge profit where speed plays an vital role, Desktop POS is preferrable with instant billing, quicker actions, keyboard handlings, lesser clicks and lot more.


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