Twitter is an online social media and social networking provider owned and operated by using American organization Twitter, Inc., on which customers ship and reply publicly or privately 280-character-long messages, pix and movies acknowledged as “tweets”. Registered customers can tweet, like, ‘retweet’ tweets, and direct messages (DM), whilst unregistered customers solely have the capacity to view public tweets.

Twitter used to be created by using Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams in March 2006 and launched in July of that year. Twitter, Inc. is based totally in San Francisco, California, and has greater than 25 places of work around the world.

On October 27, 2022, enterprise magnate Elon Musk obtained Twitter, Inc. for US$44 billion, gaining manipulation of the platform.

December 20, 2022, Musk introduced he would step down as CEO as soon as a substitute had been located.

Table of contents:-

 1. Make an Objective

 2. Brand awareness

 3. Social media analytics

 4. Focus on Graphics 

 5. Make Geniun Content

 6. Do create followers

 7. Eye on competitors

  8. Influencers 

1. Make a Objective:-

   First have to take responsibility on the primary objective & secondary objective of the business. It makes more efficient to the company/firm to engage on an separate level of access to the twitter field.

2. Brand Awareness:-

 It will be very useful to make an effort to register the brand in front of the customer. Because number of vast ads saw by peoples everyday and it is difficult to make the brand to register on it.Twitter plays a predominant role in it to make impact between the customers and enrich the outcomes throught the tweets.

3. Social media Analytics:-

  The analytics not only into this but also with the google facebook and linkedin all the socialmedia platforms make an huge role to deliver the results through we can analyse the exact and the accurate results without hesistance.

4. Focus On Graphics:-

Fourthly one of the most important segments is image,width,size,filters which means advanced. An advanced looking genuine content with the ad creative and the ad copy makes a huge impact on it.

5. Make Geniun Content:-

Whatever it is content is content any tools can cameup into the market AI or some other technology. In front of the human brain all are useless. Why means? Hypothetical some other sensitive issues is heads up means it will be difficult to tackle the situation.

6. Do Create Followers:-

“Make way while the sun shines” likewise when the time is came up and dont lose the hope it makes more important to the person do follow your profile to make wider your business on a whole.

7. Eye on Competitors:-

This is something interesting way to catch the pulse of the audience and is the correct way to set the target audience also to determine the perfect field of study.

8. Influencers:-

 Influencers are real game changers because someone spends on the ads but at the same time both in ads and influencers mean something fishy on it.


 In the above letters show that proper engagement is makes a huge impact into the social media page.