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Why Restaurant Billing Software important for your business?

Basic Modules you need Before selecting your Restaurant POS

  • Inventory Management
  • Multiple Outlet/Franchise Store Management
  • Reports
  • Takeaway & Delivery Integration
  • Online Order management
  • Waste Management
  • Warehouse integration
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Manage Table
Now we can analyze in a brief note
  • Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the most important sorts of things that even the most experienced restaurant owners and management tired off.  Efficient inventory management and reporting can make or break a business at ease. With new restaurants coming up regularly & competition increasing efficient management of the inventory is an absolute must to stay ahead in the game for that you need better – good – a user-friendly billing software.

The restaurant billing software must be able to track every ingredient in the kitchen, send alerts if any ingredient falls below the minimum mark thus helping the management make sure that there is no shortage of resources at any point of time. Here Restro POS informs the owner with a simple popup or via SMS or an email.  Billing software with a useful inventory management feature plays a major role in the restaurant’s profit-making business.

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Multiple Outlet/Franchise Store Management

Many big multi-chain restaurants will have outlets or franchise store throughout the world. It is however impossible for the restaurant owner to be at every outlet at the same time. But we can easily overcome this with a proper restaurant billing software which does exactly the monitoring job.

With the help of the software, the restaurant owner can manage and monitor the business across all the outlets. The owner can control menus, the quality of food being served, prices, and profits. Owners will be able to correct any miss-happenings at the restaurant and make sure nothing goes unnoticed.

Other Important features as follows,

Online ordering

Restro POS Tied up with delivery partners such as Swiggy,Ubereats,Zomato & Food Panda for seamless integration.


Let your detailed sales report speak in every aspect as it can be analyzed on a daily or monthly basis with Key KPIs.

Takeaway and delivery

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Warehouse Integration

Restro POS Comes up with an added feature called Warehouse Management or Store Room Management.

Flexible Pricing

Not all POS  has this option With flexible pricing, you can create a coupon,gift cards,happy hours or flat amount/ percentage discount  on the fly.

Manage Table

With RestroPOS you can see how many people are at a table, and see which tables are occupied or vacant.  Table management helps to keep your operation running smoothly and increases table turns.

Other Important Features

  • GST Enabled
  • Live chat with your Staff
  • Payroll to manage your Staff at ease
  • Customer Feedback Form & More

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